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UP minister’s staff robbed of Rs.12 lakh


Lucknow, July 23 :

Armed robbers Wednesday robbed the manager-cum-cashier of a Uttar Pradesh minister in Bijnor and escaped with Rs.12 lakh in cash, police said.

The incident took place in Mandawar of Shahbazpur locality in Bijnor when the manager-cum-cashier of Minister of State for Urban Development Chitranjan Swaroop, left the factory premises in a Skoda car belonging to the minister.

After a short distance, four armed men riding two bikes intercepted the vehicle.

Before he could react, the robbers smashed the windscreen, pulled him out and thrashed him before taking away the briefcase which contained the cash.

According to officials, he was on his way to deposit the amount in a bank.

The driver and the manager-cum-cashier reported the incident to the police which swung into action.