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Meet three friends who sponsor free meal for poor in Odisha capital


Bhubaneswar: Popular scheme ‘Aahaar’ might have been a commendable programme of Odisha government to provide affordable food to people belonging to economically weaker and labour sections, here is three young and compassionate friends – a burning example of humanity – who sponsor free meal from their own pockets to poor people in Odisha capital.

Scriptures say, ‘Service to mankind is service to God’. It was proved by Narayan Prusti, Biswanath Das and Biswa Ranjan Barik at the very young age between 18 and 22, who not only believed in word, but in action. The age when they are supposed to be busy in amusement by spending on girl friends and consuming alcohol with friends, the three have dedicated their life to service to mankind by showing unlimited compassion to poor.

Apart from free meal, they are also distributing free clothes to people taking shelter on footpaths in the capital city.

When asked about the underlying story behind such pious job, Narayan said that his recent visit to Railway station had showed him the way to work for the poor and destitute.

Two weeks ago, Narayan had visited railway station to see off his brother-in-law (sister’s husband) where he found some old people were shivering in cold and hungry. Although, he knew that some people have taken up begging as the profession, but those elderly persons were destitute and spending night without having any food. The scene electrified his mind and described everything to his two friends. The three friends decided to extend their hands to provide cooked food to 10 persons at night. In the evening, they prepared ‘khichdi’ purchasing Rs 1 kg rice, lentils and vegetables from their expenses and offered it to those destitute at the railway station.

Currently, they are providing free meal to around 20 people at the station. Sometimes, they are providing cooked food to poor people who are spending nights on footpath and under flyovers on the route between Master Canteen and Raj Mahal square in the city.

While they were providing cooked food, many poor had asked for clothes during monsoon. Next day, they were on the mission to distribute them clothes after approaching their other friends, who donated their old clothes.

However, they are yet to be sure how long they can continue the service. But, they have determined to carry out it on their own efforts.