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Media boycotts Delhi government press briefing


New Delhi, Dec 30 :

Upset at not being allowed entry to the Delhi secretariat, journalists Monday boycotted the press conference of the national capital’s new Health Minister Satyendra Jain, who was to brief them on health issues before the fledgling AAP government

Newsmen were taken aback when they were denied entry into the secretariat complex — which they are normally allowed — and instead asked to wait in the designated media room.

When Jain arrived for the media conference — two-and-half hours later than scheduled, angry reporters, especially from the electronic media, refused to broadcast the event and asked Jain to explain the government action denying them entry to the secretariat building.



  1. Aam admi government ! then why the media persons are restricted. what Arvind is doing. It is a violation of Human Rights of Journalists. Akhand, Human Rights Activist

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