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Massive misuse of state machinery by BJD led to our debacle: Congress leader


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury

Bhubaneswar, June 8:

The Congress in Odisha has identified the massive misuse of the state machinery and the police as well as use of big money by the ruling Biju Janata Dal as the primary causes behind the rout of the party in the last general elections.

Subhankar-Sarkar, AICC secretary
Subhankar-Sarkar, AICC secretary

Speaking to the media after the first day of the poll post mortem execrcise, the AICC secretary Subhankar Sarkar, who is interacting with several leaders to ascertain the causes of such a humiliating defeat in both the Lok Sabha and Assembly polls,  said, “I have interacted with several candidates and district level leaders. They all say that gross misuse of the police and the district administration and the pumping of big money by the BJD has led to the debacle.”

Sarkar, of course, conceded that there was a gap in communication among the leaders and also certain weaknesses and laxity on part of  the Congress party organisation which also contributed to  the drubbing of the party and helped the ruling BJD to come to power for the fourth consecutive time in the state.

He, however, chose the escape route when asked about the serious internal wrangling within the party and the simmering anger within the party rank and file against the state party leadership, which many feel had let the party down.

“I don’t want to talk about the internal strife at this point in time. Let me analyze it first. I will interact with the party workers and leaders and then I can come to any conclusion about this,” said Sarkar.

Sarkar will interact with some other defeated candidates, district and block level leaders tomorrow.

Some senior party leaders said it is surprising that while there is an AICC general secretary for the Odisha unit of the Congress, the party leadership in Delhi  chose to depute Sarkar to interact with senior state leaders to analyse the possible causes of the party’s debacle  at the husting.

” BK Hariprasad should have been here. Afterall, he is still the Delhi man in charge of Odisha. The only possible reason why he may have avoided getting involved in this important  exercise is  that he himself was a big part of the state party leadership that let the party down so very badly, ” one of the dissident leaders said.


  1. The earliest the Congress and BJP accept their defeat gracefully in Odisha and find out the root causes, the better. Why are people unable to accept the truth ? Odishs is unfortunate enough not to have strong Opposition parties.

    It is better for the BJD to open an opposition party led by Bhupinder Singh for proactive and constructive criticism and thereby enhance efficiency in Governance.

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