Home CRIME Married woman, youth found hanging inside room

Married woman, youth found hanging inside room


Salipur: A married woman and a youth were found hanging after they were locked in a room from outside by the former’s husband here last night.

The incident was reported from Kendupatna Khanda village in Salipur of Cuttack district.

The deceased youth was identified as Bhanja Kishore Patra, the neighbour of deceased woman’s in-laws.

According to reports, woman’s husband identified as Khirod Kumar Behera had locked her and Bhanja after finding the both inside a room of his house last night. Later, his wife and youth were found hanging.

However, the family of deceased youth alleged Khirod and his family of killing him.

“The woman had called my son into the room. After spotting them in a room, her husband locked them from outside and discussed the matter with family,” said Bhanja’s mother Gita Patra.

She alleged the woman’s husband and three of his family members of hanging her son and the woman.

“I was sleeping outside and my wife was in the room last night. I caught my wife with the youth together when I entered the room to have torch light to go outside for nature’s call. Then, I locked them in the room from outside to show others about their illicit affair,” said Khirod.

“I informed the police who found the two hanging in the ceiling this morning,” he added.