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Villager killed by ‘Maoists’ in Koraput


Reported by Parameswar Sahu
Laxmipur, Jan 11:

Panic gripped Jaguguda village under Bandhugaon block in Koraput district on Saturday morning with the discovery of the body of an ex-Sarpanch Krushna Kalpa from the village outskirts.

Reports said five suspected Maoists had come to Krushna’s home on Friday morning and forced him to go with them.

Krushna Kalpa
Krushna Kalpa : Killed by Maoists ?

Sources said, the suspected Maoists after holding a trial in a kangaroo court held in the nearby forested area on Friday night and indicted him for his alleged role as a police informer. He was killed the same night after the summary trial and his body was dumped on the outskirts of the village with a warning to the villagers to bury Krushna’s body early in the morning.

The Maoists had also warned villagers not to inform the police or speak about the incident to anybody, sources said.

When media persons reached Jaguguda on Saturday morning after the news of the killing spread, found nothing except for blood stains. None from the village was prepared to speak to the media.

“It’s all over. They have asked not to divulge anything” said Damayanti Kalpa, deceased Krushna’s wife after much persuasion.

“Villagers buried my husband’s body early morning as instructed by them”, she added.

The villagers were so terrified that they were not prepared to speak to the media and rushed into their homes when the media persons tried to take photographs.

There were allegations that deceased Krushna who worked as the village barber also doubled as a police informer, sources said.

While Bandhugaon IIC said that nothing can be done until and unless the matter is reported to the police, Laxmipur SDPO Jalandhar Jali said deceased Krushna had an altercation with the villagers over the sharing of paddy a few days back.

Jali said though Krushna had promised to return 15 bags of paddy to the tribal farmers he had failed to keep his promise and there were also allegations that he was exploiting the tribal people.