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Man’s genitals chopped off in Bihar


Patna, May 16:

A man’s genitals were chopped off by a married woman and three of the latter’s neighbours here for asking her to continue an extra-marital affair with him, Bihar police said on Saturday.

pic: drthurstone.com
pic: drthurstone.com

The incident took place in Gopalganj district (162 km from here) and the victim is now battling for his life in a hospital.

“This incident took place late Saturday, when the victim Ashok Ram forcibly entered the house of Parwati Devi and insisted she continue the extra-marital affair with him despite her repeated refusals,” officer in charge Naushad Alam told IANS.

“In a fit of anger, she, along with the help of her neighbours, chopped off Ashok’s private parts.”

Alam said that Ashok, 26, was admitted to a hospital for treatment.

“Till now, no FIR has been lodged as the victim’s family members were busy attending to his treatment. A complaint will be lodged after his return from hospital,” he said.

Some villagers told police that Parwati Devi — a mother of three — was having an affair with Ashok for the last few years. After news of the affair spread, the villagers opposed the illicit relationship and Ashok left the village.

A few days ago, he returned to his village and started pressurising Parwati to continue their affair but she was fed up with Ashok’s demands, police said.

Last year in Madhepura district, a woman chopped off an exorcist’s genitals when he attempted to rape her. (IANS)