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Man sent to jail for phone calls fraud


Chennai, July 1 :

 A court Tuesday sentenced a person to four years’ rigorous imprisonment for converting incoming international calls into local ones, said the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

In a statement issued here, the CBI said S. Murali and two others — all directors of Tele Data Networking Service — were charged with criminal conspiracy to cheat the central government of revenue by switching international incoming calls to local ones.

According to the CBI, during investigation, it was established that Murali and two others obtained incoming international call lines from the Department of Telecommunications, now BSNL, from an exchange here.

By installing sophisticated equipment, all incoming international calls were illegally routed through and treated as local calls, thereby cheating DOT/BSNL of its due revenue.

The CBI said on completion of trial, Murali was convicted and sentenced to undergo rigorous imprisonment of four years. He was also fined Rs.51,000.