Watch: Man killed while taking selfie with bear in Odisha

In Odisha’s tribal district of Nabarangpur, a man was slain while taking a photograph with a wounded bear near a forest.

The deceased was identified as driver Prabhu Bhatara.

Officials from the forest service recovered the body after tranquillizing the untamed bear.

Wednesday, the incident was reported near a forest in the Kosagumuda subdivision of the Nabarangpur district.

According to reports, Bhatara was assaulted by the bear while taking a smartphone photograph near a pond with the injured wild animal. He perished instantly.

According to reports, Bahatra observed the bear in the forest while travelling from Kotapad to Papadahandi in a Bolero with passengers returning from a wedding. Even the passengers opposed him leaving the vehicle in the forest to take a photograph with a bear near the pond when he expressed his desire to do so. When he fell while taking a selfie with a bear that had come to the pond for water, the bear mercilessly murdered him.

Notable is the fact that the locals who witnessed the entire incident were too preoccupied with their cell phones to attempt to save the motorist. A dog seen in the video rushed to his aid but was unable to save him from the wildlife.

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