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Man held for killing sister-in-law over affair


New Delhi, May 10 :

A 32-year-old man from Bihar has been arrested here on charges of murdering his widowed sister-in-law for having an illicit affair with his other brother, police said Saturday.

Mohammad Khursheed, who hails from Madhubani in Bihar, murdered his sister-in-law Afsana Khatoon, who he alleged developed an illicit affair with his elder brother Mohd. Hakim after the death of Khursheed’s younger brother and the woman’s husband Nazir.

Police said Afsana Khatoon was insisting that Hakim leave his wife and two sons in Mumbai and instead marry her.

This angered Khursheed, who along with other family members, killed Afsana Khatoon on the night of April 25 in Madhubani.

Police said Khursheed resided in Delhi with his family and after committing the murder, he initially fled to Nepal but returned home a few days later.

Police received information that Khursheed was in Delhi and he was arrested May 9 from a bus stand in Samaipur Badli area of west Delhi.

Khursheed worked at a private company in Delhi and stayed at a slum cluster in west Delhi’s Inderpuri.