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Man forces wife to spend night with director for break in film in Odisha


Bhubaneswar: A married woman brought a serious allegation against her husband, who allegedly forced her to have physical relation with a film director to get break in cine industry.

The accused was identified as Chandan of Balasore district.

Police started probe into the matter following the complaint was lodged at Lingaraj police station in Old Bhubaneswar area.

The woman alleged her husband of putting pressure and forcing her for spending night with a film director for getting opportunity in an Odia film.

Using wife for fulfilling one’s own personal interests is seen in movies, but rarely is it found in reality. However, such complaint can be considered as the disturbing trend in today’s human societies.

According to reports, the woman belongs to Kalahandi district. She was working at a private company here since 2012. During the period, she met Chandan and they fell in love with each other. As both belong to different castes, there was less possibility of getting consent from Chandan’s family for their marriage. Going against social barriers and parents, the couple got married in 2013 by help of an organisation.

They were staying happily at a house on rent in Samantraipur area in Bhubaneswar.

Meanwhile, Chandan shared his feeling with his wife about his interest in film. He asked her to arrange Rs 1 lakh to get a role in a film. When she expressed her inability to pay huge amount for the film, Chandan allegedly forced her to spend night with the director to fulfill his dream.

When she resisted, Chandan threatened her pregnant wife for abortion and divorce. She alleged at the police station that her husband was torturing her physically and mentally when she did not agree with him on his proposal. Even, he took his wife to a lawyer in Cuttack, where he abused her for her caste and told her to forget her relationship with him.