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Man arrested for killing daughter’s rapist


New Delhi, Nov 1 :

A man in his 50s has been arrested on charges of killing his 45-year-old tenant when he came to know that his teenaged daughter was raped by the man a month ago, police said Saturday.

The incident was reported Friday night from Khajoori Khas area of east Delhi.

The father, whose name was withheld by police to hide the identity of his daughter, was arrested a few hours after he killed Omprakash, a resident of Madhya Pradesh.

The investigation revealed that the tenant had raped the man’s 14-year-old daughter a month ago and threatened her with dire consequences if she spoke about the incident to her family.

When the tenant had gone to his home town in Madhya Pradesh to celebrate Diwali, the girl fell ill, and hospital tests revealed she was pregnant.

The girl then told her parents about how she was raped by the tenant a month ago.

“The annoyed father was involved in a heated argument with the tenant Friday night when he returned from his home town. During the argument, the father strangled Omprakash to death,” a police official said.