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Mamata vows to avenge ‘transfer insult’ through ballot


Kolkata, April 9:

Even as the West Bengal government was compelled to comply with the Election Commission’s directive to transfer eight officials, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Wednesday vowed to avenge the insult “through ballot”.

Addressing party rallies in Mangalkote and Memari in Burdwan district, Banerjee accused the Congress-led central government of conspiring against her government.

Mamata Banerji, CM, West Bengal
Mamata Banerji, CM, West Bengal

“The insult that you have meted us by transferring our SPs (superintendents of police) and DMs (district magistrate), we will avenge that insult. But the revenge will be through ballots and not bullets,” said Banerjee on the day when her government executed the EC’s order of transferring the officials including five district police chiefs and a district magistrate.

The poll panel had directed the state government to execute the order by 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Banerjee, who initially had taken the EC head-on by refusing to comply with its order of transferring the officials, Tuesday night relented and agreed to the transfers but minced no words to flay the poll panel for its “vendetta politics”.

Continuing her tirade against the Congress, Banerjee during the day also warned her rivals.

“If they think they can take away our democratic rights by transferring a few officers, they are mistaken. Don’t think we are weak because we are courteous.

“They can continue to conspire against us, they can transfer a few officials, but my government is here to stay,” said Banerjee asserting that her Trinamool Congress will win all the 42 seats in Bengal and play a decisive role in the government formation at the centre.