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Maharathy’s slip of tongue!


OST Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Dec 11:

The fact that bureaucrats are running the show in the Naveen Patnaik government and not ministers and MLAs elected by the people has been underlined by what former minister and ruling party member from Pipili Pradip Maharathy said in the House on Tuesday.Pradeep Maharathi

The House was debating the issue of the death of Tikiri lady teacher Itishree Pradhan.  Ruling party member Pradip Maharathy, while making his statement during the debate, claimed that Itishree Pradhan hailed from his area and her father was a die-hard supporter of BJD. He said he had stayed with the bereaved family at their house from the day of her cremation till the 11th day (ekadasaha). He also said that chief minister had sent two of his ministers Maheswar Mohanty and Usha Devi to visit the bereaved family.

Up to this point, it was alright but the loquacious Maharathy, in his eagerness to defend the chief minister, wagged his tongue  saying  ‘ Pandian Sir’ had called him over phone and had informed him that money has been dispatched which was delivered to Itishree’s father on the ekadasaha day.

It was when some opposition members in their seats wanted to know who this person was that  Maharathy realized the mistake he had made. Taken off guard, he retorted “Okay I have told? What’s the big deal?”

Leader of the Opposition Bhupinder Singh wanted to know who this ‘Pandian Sir’ was to which there was no reply from the other side.