Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 21:

Senior Biju Janata Dal leader and Odisha Excise Minister Damodar Rout today took a swipe at his party leadership over their stand on the Mahanadi issue and for taking out ‘Kalasa’ rallies.

damodar rout dama

“People set up earthen pots (kalasa) during wedding ceremonies and consecration of temples. I am not sure why they have done it in this case. Will it fill Mahanadi if they pour water there through pots,” questioned Rout.

Taking a swipe at Surya Patra, BJD’s newest spokesperson and a vocal supporter of these rallies, he added, “Surya Patra became a spokesperson only recently. He has been making statements and acting like people do after getting converted (to another religion). Don’t ask me any further on this.”

He further took on the government and criticized it for the bureaucrat led administration in the state.

“Even an inept, corrupt and populist government is better than President’s rule. This is because the bureaucrats run the administration instead of an elected government under President’s rule. Any politician, whatever he says, he necessarily means public welfare. However, the bureaucrats read and follow the rulebook. They do not pay much attention to public welfare.”

“I could fix the bureaucrats; however, the media doesn’t let me do that. They keep trying to find loopholes in my statements and get me in trouble,” said Rout with a pinch of humour.