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Maggi ban has left Odisha moms groping for a substitute


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jun 9:

After the ban on the sale of popular Maggi noodles in the state by the Odisha government and recall of the product by its makers Nestle, finding an alternative to this 2-minute wonder has become quite a headache for moms in most urban households.

maggi noodles

“The kids are home for the summer vacation now. But they would soon be going back to school.  It is not possible to cook breakfast for them every morning. Neither do they like homemade food like halwa, sattu etc. Maggi used to be of great help. Not only was it easy to prepare, kids just loved it. I am already having a hard time convincing them Maggi is not safe for health,” said Anasuya Dash, a housewife from Bhubaneswar.

While the moms worry about the health of their kids, the kids already hooked on Maggi want nothing else. Besides, paediatrician have also advised against consuming packaged fast food items like noodles, biscuits, cakes, Maggi, rolls etc.

“We shouldn’t feed fast food items, noodles, biscuits, cakes, Maggi, rolls etc to kids. There is neither carbohydrates nor protein in those items that can add to the physical and mental development of the child. On the contrary, harmful mineral contents such as zinc, nickel, lead, MSG etc get to the stomach and intestine and they have their side effects,” said paediatrician Dr. SD Mishra.

“These minerals lead to diseases such as constipation in the short-term and weakened memory, bone deformation, joint pain, hypertension in the long-term,” he warned.

Doctors strongly recommend traditional food items such as chapped rice, satu, chakuli, halwa etc. These food items are more balanced as compared to fast food items, they opine.

Even though doctors put their weight behind traditional food items, it clearly is not enough to deter the star-struck kids who continue to demand things they see on the TV.

“The TV is full of ads that show kids eating Maggi, Yeppie etc. Their favourite stars such as Amitabh Bachhan, Madhuri Dixit etc are also endorsing these products and encouraging the kids to eat them. No wonder the kids demand these products. Health concepts work for us, not for kids. Still, we are trying all that we can to avoid letting them consume stuff that can affect their health,” said Dibyashree Jena of Bhubaneswar.