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‘Made In India’ song parody on richness of Odisha will make you smile!


Bhubaneswar: Remember Alisha Chinai’s super-popular music video ‘Made In India’ that ruled music charts for a decade for its peppy tune and introduced the drool-worthy Milind Soman to us?  Odisha-based stand-up comedy group Bhubaneswar Komedians has released a parody, Come To Odisha, inspired by this song!

The trilingual lyrics written by Akash Baghar and Samar Pratap Nayak in Hindi, English and Odia, beckons tourists to visit this coastal state of India while taking pride in the spectacular waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries and the ever-delicious cuisines.

While showcasing Odisha’s vast coastline and its pristine beaches, the song says these can make you cancel your next trip to Goa!

“It has always bugged us how neglected tourism in our state is, despite the immense potential. Deulajhari, Hirakud, Chandrabhaga and numerous other places in Odisha are no less beautiful than Goa or Kerela,” said Akash.

He went on to explain that the lyrics have been penned keeping in mind their young followers, who relate more to lingo used in colleges and khattis.

This video also includes a humourous take on the heroic tale of Biju Patnaik rescuing the Indonesian President and the Rasogola war with West Bengal. People on the streets have been roped in to lip-sync the song, which was a Herculean task for the makers as many refused to feature in the video.

The Bhubaneswar Komedians team worked for almost a week to launch this project, which is now beginning to gain prominence on social media platforms as a song parody.