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Lucknow rape victim’s family questions autopsy report


Lucknow, July 22:

The family of the woman who was murdered in Mohanlalganj last week, Tuesday questioned the post-mortem report which inferred “both her kidneys” were intact.

The family said the victim had donated one of her kidneys to her late husband after he battled renal failure.

The Sanjay Gandhi Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGI) also confirmed the woman and her husband were operated for a kidney transplant October 15, 2011.

“When the deceased did not have a kidney, as per medical records, how can the autopsy report say she had two healthy kidneys,” questioned a family member, adding the medical panel that conducted the autopsy should be questioned on the inaccuracy.

Demanding the state government recommend a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the matter, the family has also sought action against the doctors’ panel.

DIG Navneit Sikera who supervised the investigations and oversaw the arrest of accused Ram Sevak, told IANS that as far as the police was concerned, they had cracked a “very difficult case” with utmost promptness and professionalism.

“The questions raised on the post-mortem report have no bearing on our investigations and the arrests and I am sure if there are some lacunae as are being pointed out, appropriate authorities will look into it,” he added.

On questions being raised about the police theory on the murder, the police official stood by the probe and said he would not take up any future investigations if this one failed to stand legal scrutiny.

Meanwhile, political parties slammed the police theory and demanded the probe be handed over to the CBI.

Bharatiya Janata Party spokesman Vijay Bahadur Pathak, while supporting the demand for a CBI probe made by the victim’s family, also questioned the delay in state government’s response to the request.

“What is stopping the government from recommending a CBI investigation, the more it delays, the more its credibility gets further eroded,” he told IANS.

Senior Bahujan Samaj Party and Congress leaders have also supported the demand saying even outgoing Governor Azeez Qureshi has questioned the police theory and has called for a re-investigation.