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Love triangle in Odisha zoo: tigress ‘Megha’ attacks, injures ‘Sarah’!


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jul 25:

Tigress Sarah has been admitted to the veterinary ICU in the Nandankanan zoo on the outskirts of the Odisha capital after being attacked by another tigress named Megha yesterday.

Injured tigress 'Sarah'
Injured tigress ‘Sarah’

The incident is believed to be the fall-out of a love triangle. Unable to reconcile to the growing love affair between Sarah and wild tiger Nandan who had sneaked into the tiger enclosure a few months ago, Megha bit into Sarah’s paw while the latter was sitting with her legs spread out, unaware that her paw was jotting out of the enclosure. The attack led to fractured bones in the paws of Sarah.

Megha had recently been moved to enclosure 31-B from its original shed – enclosure 31-A, which is currently under repair. The enclosure of Sarah was right next to 31-B.

Caretakers rushed to the spot after hearing the roars of the tigresses and found Sarah bleeding profusely and limping around the enclosure. She was tranquilised immediately and taken to ICU inside the zoo.

Her paw was stitched up to 12 inches and she was given antibiotics. She continues to be under medical care in the ICU.

It may be noted that Sarah became a famous name in the zoo after wild tiger Nandan broke into the zoo to mate with her. After a long cooling off period and monitoring the activities of Nandan carefully, the zoo authorities were planning to let them mate. However, yesterday’s incident has forced them to postpone the plan.