‘Lot of Odisha’ in Subroto Bagchi’s new book


    OST Exclusive

    By Sandeep Sahu

    Bhubaneswar, Aug 3 :

    Seven years after his first book ‘The High Performance Entrepreneur’ made it to the bestseller list, Subroto Bagchi, co-founder of Mindtree, is ready with ‘The Elephant Catchers’. Published by Hatchett India, the new book would be released on August 24.


    While ‘The High Performance Entrepreneur’ was all about the challenges of launching a company, ‘The Elephant Catchers’ deals with the next big challenge of scaling up, the Odisha-born author says. “In some ways, starting something is easier than scaling it. That is why people and their businesses hit the proverbial glass ceiling after a successful start. Based on my own experience and that of others, I wanted to write a book that addressed this theme,” Bagchi told OST explaining the motivation for the latest book.

    The author says ‘The Elephant Catcher’ synthesizes his learning over the last few years on a spectrum of issues around the core idea of scaling up. “Our struggle after 2007, when Mindtree was listed in the stock exchange, and the transformative experiences along the way had a lot to do with the challenge of building growth and scale,” he says.

    Asked if his new book has anything for or from the state, Bagchi says; “There is, in fact, a lot of Odisha in the book and I hope it makes my state proud.”

    Talking about ‘The High Performance Entrepreneur’, which has become a must-read for every aspiring entrepreneur, the author says it was based on his own experience of a failed attempt at launching a company when he was 28 and then co-founding Mindtree when he was 42. “The twin experience taught me that start-ups must be designed for high performance and it is possible to do so,” Bagchi says.

    ‘The Elephant Catcher’ is neatly divided into six chapters, each dealing with a specific aspect of the business of scaling up: the need to build comfort with the idea of scale; scaling the business; scaling the intellect; scaling of reputation; scaling the people and scaling adversity. “The last is particularly important because there is a need to focus on doing ordinary things extraordinarily well when extraordinary events overtake the enterprise,” muses the author.

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    Bagchi insists that the core idea of scale, its associated attributes and challenges are not unique to for-profit businesses. “These are equally applicable to any institution, and I can even say, individual. After all, our lives are enterprises and each one of us is the CEO of Me Inc.” he signs off.

    Other Books by the Author: Among the other books Subroto Bagchi has authored are the highly popular ‘Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons for the Young Professional’ (published by Penguin Portfolio), a book that traces Bagchi’s journey from small town Odisha to the pinnacle of the corporate world; ‘The Professional’ (Published by Penguin), which deals with the qualities that one needs to become a professional; ‘MBA at 16: A Teenager’s Guide to Business’ (Published by Penguin), which takes the smart teenager on an exciting voyage of discovery and ‘The Professional Companion: How to make the best of your workplace skills’ (published by Portfolio), a do-it-yourself workbook designed to equip the reader with a wider skill set.