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Lord Lingaraj’s Rukuna Rath Yatra in Odisha capital on Mar 27


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Feb 28:

The famous Rukuna Rath Yatra of Lord Lingaraj in Odisha’s capital city will be held at 4 PM on March 27. A decision to this effect was taken at a meeting held by different sections of servitors at the temple administration office yesterday.

Courtesy: odisha360.com
Courtesy: odisha360.com

The meeting, chaired by executive officer of the temple Srinibas Kabi, also decided on the timing of other rituals and preparatory work such as construction of the chariot, return journey of the lord (Bahuda Yatra), Swarnadri Bije, Dola Yatra, Repair of the Kalasa etc.

The meeting decided to hold the Swarnadri Bije yatra on March 27, if the chariot reaches Ratha Maha Khala on that day.

While the ceremony before the beginning of construction of the chariot will be held on March 2, the colouring of the Dola Mandaps of Lard Lingaraj and Goddess Parvati will be held on March 5. Electrical and other maintenance works have been assigned to respective personnel.

The repair of the kalasa has also been discussed with ASI Odisha chief Bhuban Bikram. The repair of the Iron Gate will be completed by March 3 with three hours spent on the repair eveyrday. The ASI has asked for seven hours’ time to finish the final holding job on the top of the temple.

The meeting was attended by different sections of servitors of the temple such as Brahman Niyog, Puja Panda Niyog, Badu Niyog, Samartha Niyog, Apatia Servitors, Carpenter servitors etc.