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Lord Jagannath’s  Chandan Yatra begins in Odisha’s Puri


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, May 9:

Today being auspicious Akshaya Tritiya, the Bahara Chandan Yatra of Lord Jagannath began at the Narendra pond in Odisha’s holy town Puri.

Chandan Yatra of Lord Jagannath

Amidst singing of kirtans and bhajans (devotional songs), sounds of cymbals and gongs, the idols of Lord Madanmohan accompanied by Devi Bhudevi and Devi Sridevi in one palanquin and idols of Lord Ramkrushna and Pandavas in another palanquin were taken in a procession from the Sri Mandir to the Narendra pond in the afternoon.

En route to the Narendra pond, the procession stopped in front of the Sri Nahara (the Puri king’s palace) on the Grand Road where priests of the Sri Mandir along with the Srotiya brahmins completed all the rituals at the chariot construction yard.

Following the completion of puja anyanmalas (order in the shape of garlands from the Lords to commence chariot building for Rath Yatra) were placed on a 12-feet dhaura log marking the beginning of chariot construction for Rath Yatra.

The procession later reached the Narendra pond where the idols boarded two newly built Chapas or boats– Nanda and Bhadra which were rowed then for a long time by the sevakas. Temple dancers danced and sang on the boat during the rowing.

Thousands of devotees gathered at the Narendra pond to watch this leela of the Lords.