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It’s like the destruction of Yadu Vamsha, says Odisha LOP Mishra on Ghadai’s expulsion


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Sep 20:

The Leader of Opposition (LOP) in the Odisha Assembly and senior Congress leader Narsingh Mishra compared  the expulsion of the former Finance minister Prafulla Ghadai from the BJD with the beginning of the process of destruction of the mythical Yadu Vamsha, which met its end due to its own inner contradictions.

Narasingh Mishra ( source-The Telegrpah)
Narasingh Mishra ( source-The Telegrpah)

“It’s like the destruction of the Yadu Vamsha due to its inner contradictions. It’s the beginning of the demise of the Biju Janata Dal. Many such things are going to happen in the future, many leaders will be expelled and by 2019 the BJD will be completely finished”, said Mishra in his reactions to the media over the expulsion of Ghadai from the BJD today.

Asked whether Ghadai should have been given a chance by Naveen Patnaik to clarify his stand on the story published in the Sambad before being expelled from the party, Mishra said BJD is not a party, which is based on the principles of democracy.

Normally, democratic parties seek explanation and clarifications from their leaders and workers and allow enough opportunities to the persons concerned to explain their stand before taking such drastic decisions,

“But in the BJD, who is to be retained and who is to be thrown out of the party, depends entirely on Naveen Babu’s sweet will,” he remarked.

“Such happenings are nothing new or strange in parties that don’t have a democratic foundation and are dictatorial and authoritarian”, commented Mishra while saying it’s an internal matter of the BJD and it is only Ghadai who can only tell whether the penal action was appropriate or not.

Mishra clarified that his remarks on the expulsion were on the matter of principles.