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Life term for woman for killing daughter-in-law


New Delhi, Sep 27 :

A court here sentenced a woman to life imprisonment for burning her daughter-in-law, who succumbed to the injuries.

Additional Sessions Judge Virender Kumar Goyal awarded life term to Saroj Mittal, 51, for killing her daughter-in-law Deepti Mittal.

The order was passed Sep 22 but released Saturday.

The court imposed a fine of Rs.5,000 and directed her to pay Rs.1 lakh to the victim’s grandfather as compensation, taking into account the fact that he suffered physical and mental harm, including pain, suffering and emotional distress.

Police alleged that Saroj set Deepti on fire after pouring kerosene on her July 17, 2013.

A day later, Deepti succumbed to her injuries.

On the basis of her dying declaration, police registered a case in Keshav Puram police station in west Delhi.

Deepti said in her statement that her husband Amit and her mother-in-law used to torture her and demand Rs.20 lakh as dowry.

“On the day of the incident, a quarrel ensued between Deepti and her husband and she was beaten up. In the evening, Saroj set her afire after pouring kerosene on her,” police said.

Saroj, however, claimed innocence and said Deepti died accidentally while cooking food.

“If Deepti Mittal was cooking food in the kitchen and fire from the gas stove accidentally engulfed her, the burn injuries above her waist should have excessed those in the lower part of her body, but according to the postmortem report, she sustained burns all over the body up to 90 percent,” the court said and turned down the convict’s plea.

The court observed that the accused’s family was not using a kerosene stove but a gas stove.

The court opined that there could not be any possibility of a kerosene bottle being kept in the house. It showed that the kerosene bottle was brought to burn Deepti.

“Accused Saroj Mittal was present in the house at that time with Deepti Mittal, so she has to explain as to in what circumstances, Deepti Mittal sustained burn injuries and she has not been able to explain in any manner in accordance with the circumstances…” the court said.

“…the only irresistible conclusion, which can be drawn is that Deepti Mittal was burnt by her mother-in-law Saroj Mittal by pouring kerosene on her,” the court said.

However, the court acquitted the victim’s husband Amit observing that prosecution has not been able to prove the case against him.