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Left keen on forming ‘alternative platform’ in Odisha


OST Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 11 :

Welcoming the declaration made by four Left parties in New Delhi on July 1 this year to form an alternative political platform in various states, the state units of CPI, CPM and Forward Bloc have called upon democratic parties and mass organisations to support it.News4

Addressing the convention in the city here today, senior CPI politburo member AB Bardhan said people in the country are unhappy and angry over corruption, misrule and economic policy of the UPA government at the Centre.

“If any party does politics for its own benefit to stay in power, it should be rejected forthwith. Politics should be designed for the wellbeing of the nation and its people”, he observed.

Bardhan said the Left parties would conduct a political campaign to mobilise support for the proposed platform.

He discussed the 10-point programme of the alternative policy in the economic, political and social spheres. The programme highlights core issues including implementation of land reform measures, employment for the youth, nationalisation of mining and oil resources, disapproval of FDI in retail trade, introduction of universal PDS system, stern measures to curb communal forces, no privatisation of education and health services and adoption of an independent foreign policy.

The Left parties would organise a meeting at the Lower PMG here in the last week of October, State CPI leader Narayan Reddy told reporters after the convention.

Among others, former CPM MP Sibaji Patnaik, CPM State secretary Janardan Pati, Forward Bloc leader Purnachandra Padhi attended the convention. ( MM )