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Lawyers’ stir leads to overcrowded jails


OST Bureau

Sambalpur, Sep 3 :

The ongoing lawyers’ agitation pressing for the establishment of a High Court Bench in western Odisha has led to a piquant situation here with jail authorities finding it difficult to manage the overcrowded cells as bail petitions are not being processed due to non-availability of advocates.


This has resulted in all arrested persons landing up in the jail straightaway, even if they have been accused of bailable offences.

The sudden increase in the number of inmates have come as a major challenge for the jail authorities, who were already grappling with the problem of space to accommodate prisoners.

Sambalpur Jail which has a sanctioned capacity to house 541 inmates now  has to  accommodate 700 making it difficult for the authorities here to deal with the heavy rush, admitted a jail official.

Moreover, due to closure of the all government offices since August 20 last, common people are the worst sufferers. They are unable to get their work done in different Government offices. What has worried them more is the lawyers’ threat to intensify their agitation further in view of the dithering by the state government over the HC bench issue.

Despite the crippling difficulties, the people,  however, see a great need for a High Court bench here and that expalins why they are backing the lawyer’s cease work and agitation.