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Latvian exponents to perform in Delhi as tribute to Odissi guru

Picture Courtesy: Premal Madina/ Facebook

Bhubaneswar: The charm of Odissi is such that it embraces you through and through, no matter what country, creed or breed. International Odissi dancers are not new as years after years women abroad have learnt it like a culture of their own, adapting its lyricism and beauty. Watching Odissi dancer from Latvia, Premal Madina, gives the same feel.

Premal, who runs a dance academy in the capital city of Latvia, will perform Odissi at Sri Jagannath Mandir in New Delhi, with her group on January 13. “It’s a pleasure beyond words to perform Odissi in India,” she said.

Picture Courtesy: Premal Madina/ Facebook

The event, ‘Guru Shishya Parampara’ is a celebration of the relationship a student shares with the teacher. This performance is Premal’s tribute to her guru, Kavita Dwibedi, and Kavita’s guru, Harekrushna Behera.

Picture Courtesy: Kavita Dwibedi/ Facebook

“The event will start with Shiva Vandana, followed by Hansadhwani Pallavi, Basant Pallavi, Yahi Madhava (dance-drama) and Moksha to conclude the event. My student Premal will perform Yahi Madhava, a solo act and rest all will be by her disciples,” said Kavita Dwibedi, an acclaimed Odissi dancer.

Picture Courtesy: Premal Madina

Among the disciples of Premal are Zaiga Malina, Svetlana Berzina, Olya Trebuhina, Liva Kupca, who will perform in India for the first time. Premal, who came here back in 2004 through ICCR scholarship, has been performing in India for long and is very fond of this place.

Picture Courtesy: Premal Madina/ Facebook

“This event is special because it’s solely for my Guru. My disciples are excited and glad to be here and have been practising for months,” added Premal.

The event is being jointly organized by Sri Jagannath Mandir and Odissi Academy, Delhi.