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L.V. Prasad institute to develop website for blind


Hyderabad, Feb 25 :

L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, known for its expertise and experience in rehabilitation of the blind and visually impaired, is developing an exclusive website for the blind.LV_1119091045

The institute launched the initiative to bring knowledge, awareness and services to those affected by vision loss of any degree, it said in a statement Tuesday.

LVPEI’s rehabilitation team will develop the website in consultation with a team of the institute’s experts, beneficiaries of rehabilitation services at LVPEI, parents of blind children, volunteers and other field experts.

The beneficiaries of the proposed website include those who work closely with the blind such as their family members, acquaintances, and professionals handling them.

“Our aim in developing the proposed website is to create a platform that eases access to information and knowledge related to a visually challenged person. We anticipate that this unique website will create a positive impact in enhancing the quality of life of a person with visual impairment, and will hopefully be an equalizer for them in the digital world,” said Virender Sangwan, director, Srujana Centre for Innovation at the institute.

Globally there are an estimated 246 million people with visual impairment, of whom 18 million are blind and 50 million have low vision due to untreatable eye diseases.