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Kolkata corpse case: Debjani starved to death to ‘attain god’


Kolkata, June 15:

His diary entries did carry sexual overtones, but police on Monday said they have not found any evidence suggesting that Partha De, who lived with his sister Debjani’s corpse for months, had an incestuous relationship. A search also yielded notes by Debjani suggesting she starved to death in her bid to ‘attain god’.

Pic Courtesy: www.abplive.in
Pic Courtesy: www.abplive.in

Meanwhile, the state-run hospital treating 44-year-old Partha said it was thinking of approaching the Missionaries of Charity for help, as the patient has repeatedly been pleading that he be allowed to interact with them.

Probing the case, police on Monday searched De’s house at south Kolkata’s Robinson Street from where they found the maggot-infested skeletons of Debjani and two dogs.

The search also yielded notes written by Debjani suggesting she starved to death in her bid to ‘attain god’.

“The writings suggest that for the past months before her death, she was into some kind of meditation and observed rituals aiming to attain god. During that period, the only thing she took was water, that might be a reason for her death,” a senior police officer told IANS.

While several notes scribbled by Partha carry sexual connotations, including incest, the officer denied having any evidence suggesting that the siblings had any kind of sexual intimacy.

“We are yet to find any evidence, including notes by Partha and Debjani to suggest the siblings had a sexual relationship. Circumstantial evidence suggests Partha could not accept his sister’s death and kept her corpse hoping resurrection.

“Things will become clear only after interrogating him. We are waiting for the doctors’ permission to question him,” the officer said.

Notes like: “My mother was jealous of her (Debjani). We went to Digha (on vacation). My mother made her strip in the bathroom…” and “My mother thinks I am impotent” had earlier led officials to suspect incest and necrophilia.

Partha, currently admitted to the state-run Calcutta Pavlov Hospital under the observation of a medical board of five doctors including psychiatrists and psychologists, is now not in the right frame of mind to talk to police, the hospital superintendent said.

“Right now he is not in the right mental frame to talk to police. So far we have not received any request from police that they want to interrogate him.

“We will take a call when the request comes, depending on the circumstances, specially Partha’s health,” said superintendent Ganesh Prasad.

Following Partha’s repeated requests, the doctors have decided to approach the Mother Teresa-founded Missionaries of Charity.

“We are thinking about it. So far we have not interacted with the Missionaries of Charity. But we will contact them soon to seek help,” he told IANS. (IANS)