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Know the enemy first to protect language, SRP tells Odisha students


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Balasore, May 23:

It is important to identify the enemy of the language to preserve it, said Editor of Sambad Soumya Ranjan Patnaik yesterday while addressing a Shantiniketan to Satyabadi cycle rally launched by Odisha students of Viswa Bharati university to preserve the Odia language in Balasore.

cycle rally

“The mission is important to accomplish any task and it should always aim to be successful. The movement to create awareness and attempt to protect the Odia language is a welcome move.  However, the language can’t be protected without identifying its enemies,” said Patnaik.

“While the state continues to organize functions to celebrate the classical status for Odia language, it is the students who are taking our rallies to protect the language and attempting to create awareness. We need to iron out the irony,” he added.

It may be noted that 13 cyclists led by researcher Indramani Sahu had come all the way from the Viswa Bharti University and will continue their journey to Satyabadi to create awareness about the language among the masses.

Speaking on the occasion, Collector Sanatan Mallick focused on use of the language in every sphere of life.

“Using the language in every sphere of life is the best way to protect it and the role of mothers in ensuring this is crucial. Fakir Mohan is an example of this. Each of his literary work is a milestone,” opined Mallick.

Among others, senior researchers and linguist Natabar Satapathy, Indramani Sahu and Advait Kumar Patra were present on the occasion and presented their ideas for betterment of the language.