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‘Kick’ is a big break for me- Jacqueline


Mumbai, July 15 :

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez agrees that “Kick” is a Salman Khan-starrer all the way, but she is also confident that she’s not sidelined in the movie due to his presence.

Jacqueline Fernandez ( source-unbconnect.com)
Jacqueline Fernandez ( source-unbconnect.com)

“I don’t even know why people are even asking me this question,” Jacqueline said here to a question about whether she fears being sidelined in the film.

“Salman is a superstar. People come to watch him in the movies and just for me to be part of a movie like this and to be with Salman Khan gives me such an advantage. So, no, I am not sidelined at all in this film,” added the Sri Lankan beauty.

Jacqueline considers “Kick”, directed by Sajid Nadiadwala, as a “huge break” in her career.

“It goes without saying that obviously it’s a big break…even for an established actress, it’s a very big deal (to work with Salman) and the same is for me. I am no different,” she said.