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Keep your house cool in Odisha summer with these simple hacks


Bhubaneswar: Summer in Odisha is no less than a ruthless monster. While the searing heat makes life miserable when outside, our home too turns into a boiling cauldron during those few months.

Here are a few tricks that can help you keep your home cool in the sweltering heat and enjoy some relaxing moments.

Curtain: Keep the blinds closed as hot air gets in through windows mostly. Light shades of curtains can do wonders in summer. Jute and cotton are best materials to go for.

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Ice-age: Let’s get back to old and low-tech method this time. Keep a bowl of ice in front of a table or pedestal fan, so the air that reaches you is cool and soothing. This hack is absolutely simple to arrange.

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Exhaust fan: Fixing exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms, can help pull the hot air out of your house and what remains is the cool air.

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Switch to CFLs: The bulbs used have a great impact on room temperature. Incandescent bulb uses most of its energy in unnecessary heating. CFLs or compact fluorescent lamps do not produce much heat and also help keep the electricity bill in check.

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Pots and Plants: Nothing can be as good as keeping plants indoors. When plants release moisture into the air in a warm room, it can reduce the temperature by as much as 10 degrees. These can purify the air too.

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White roof: Painting the roof white has been a popular method of keeping the home from heating up. White reflects the sun rays, unlike dark cement colours that trap the heat.

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Rice Pillow: While sleeping at night, switch to pillows made of rice which will keep the temperature of your bed low. This inexpensive pillow can also be refrigerated for hot days.

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Declutter: Removing all unnecessary objects from the house, can help in proper ventilation and circulation of air. Keeping home spacious and organized is an old hack to stay cool in summers.

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Cotton sheets: Go for cotton bedsheets as they are naturally soft and great during summer. Wearing cotton clothes will keep your body temperature in check, too.

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Doors: Close the doors of unused rooms during the day. It will help keep the cool air from permeating into other rooms and you can enjoy the chill at the place you spend most of your time.

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Besides, make sure your body temperature is in check. Eat a lot of fruits, drink more water and keep yourself hydrated, while savouring ‘Pakhala’.