Berlin, June 23:

Kashmir issue is the major cause of tension between India and Pakistan, the Pakistan Army’s media wing chief has said.

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Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations Lt.Gen. Asim Bajwa in an interview with Deutsche Welle Urdu on Wednesday said the major cause of tension between India and Pakistan is the long-standing issue of Kashmir and that “India poses a threat to Pakistan”.

The Lt. General said that the developments were being made on diplomatic and political forums to engage India.

“But as a military spokesperson, I would like to say that India poses a threat to Pakistan and so our entire defence mechanism in India-specific,” Bajwa said.

The army’s spokesperson said if only India is inducted in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, it will be a cause of “disturbance of the strategic stability in the region, besides being a step towards discrimination.”

Pakistan has steadfastly opposed India’s membership of the NSG, and has sought to become a member itself.

In a rare interview, Bajwa added, “The world had abandoned Pakistan to handle and face the terrorists in the region alone, and Pakistan has completed the task.” (IANS)