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Karate master crucifies himself for Jayalalithaa’s return as CM


Chennai, Feb 23:

Karate master Shihan Hussaini Monday got himself crucified for the return of AIADMK general secretary J. Jayalalithaa as the Tamil Nadu chief minister.

Pic Courtesy: Twitter
Pic Courtesy: Twitter

The 46-year-old Hussaini, who is known for his daring acts, came out with this out-of-the-box idea — self crucifixion for six minutes and seven seconds — on the eve of Jayalalithaa’s 67th birthday Tuesday.

“It was the most painful experience I have even undergone. I heard it was the most painful and realised that today,” Hussaini told IANS Monday.

“More than hitting the nails on the hands and legs, taking them out was extremely painful,” he said.

Hussaini said he blacked out briefly and after extraction of the nails by his juniors, he was rushed to a hospital where doctors checked him thoroughly and took X-rays.

The nails were hammered to his palms and legs while he was tied to the cross.

The cross was eight feet in length, six feet in width and six inches in thickness.

“When there is passion and love for a person, other things like education, social status does not matter,” Hussaini said.

“I worship her (Jayalalithaa). She is the only hope for Tamil Nadu,” he said.

“The cross always enamoured me for a long time. A martial artist undergoes severe pain during his training. We are trained to tolerate pain,” he said.

Hussaini said Jayalalithaa will surely scold him after hearing of this event. IANS