Home STATE Jugaad at its best: Doting Odisha father designs 5-wheeler for son

Jugaad at its best: Doting Odisha father designs 5-wheeler for son


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bargarh, Jun 28:

A man from Bargarh district in Odisha, who studied no further than class five, has proved that innovation doesn’t need specialised higher education or technical expertise when someone is determined to give shape to his dream.

five wheeler

Delamani Meher of Kuchipalli village under Melchhamunda police station limits in Bargarh district was determined to design a vehicle for his son, who was fascinated by a car he took a joy ride in at a village fair.

Delamani, who earns his livelihood from weaving, had attained expertise in his family occupation since childhood. Despite having passed only fifth standard, he had basic technical knowledge about tools and machinery.

He could not study any further after fifth standard due to poverty and took to his family occupation of weaving to earn a livelihood.

A few years ago, his son expressed a desire for a vehicle which he had seen in the village fair. The boy’s insistence on a similar vehicle spurred him to design a five-wheeler dedicated to his son.

Delamani made up his mind to make a vehicle out of the rags for which he started saving money earned from weaving and selling of clothes.

Initially, he prepared a vehicle which moved with the help of paddles. Later, he fitted the vehicle with a scooter engine. Eight months ago, he succeeded in his experiment and ran around with the vehicle some distance away from the village.

Delamani attracted the attention of curious onlookers when he rode his vehicle to Bargarh town where people were astounded to see his innovation.