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Judgment error claims life of Cobra in Odisha!


Bhubaneswar: In a bizarre incident, the judgment error by a 3-ft long cobra claimed its life after reportedly consuming guava in Odisha.

The incident occurred in Naugaon area of Jagatsinghpur district where a cobra suffered after reportedly consuming a guava. Out of pain, the snake entered a resident’s house yesterday. It was found lying in a place without moving anywhere and repeatedly opening its mouth to release something from its stomach.

Realising pain of the cobra, the resident Kishore Parida called snake helpline volunteer Brajakishore Sahoo to rescue the snake from his home.

Suspecting some solid item got stuck in the snake’s stomach, Sahoo contacted snake helpline’s Subhnedu Mallick, who later proposed the veterinary college of OUAT for x-ray. After conducting x-ray on the cobra by HoD Sushena Kumar Panda of veterinary pathology department, a guava was found in its stomach for which the snake was suffering since past seven days.

Meanwhile, the cobra had died. The guava was released from its stomach following autopsy.

The cobra was assumed to have engulfed a guava seven days ago. As it remained in the stomach for long time, it damaged the intestine. It resulted in malnutrition and anemia in the snake as it could not consume anything, said Prof Panda.

The snake had reportedly engulfed a dry guava assuming it as a rat or frog. However, the engulfing guava by snake is first kind of incident reported in Odisha, Subhendu said.

Earlier, a cobra had died after engulfing a school batch tie in Kakatpur in 2013.