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Join politics if you want to see change, Rahul tells students


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury

Bhubaneswar, Feb 10:

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi today urged the students to take part in politics to bring in changes in the education system and the society which would help usher bigger changes in the country.

Rahul gandhi, Vice president, INC
Rahul gandhi, Vice president, INC

“You need to come and join politics to change the society. The top leadership may not be interested for changes in the present education system but you need to. You have to participate in the political system,” said Gandhi while interacting with students and youth Congress at Neheru Yuva Pratisthan here today.

“I can not come to Odisha and improve the education system. It is you, who can change the system. You have to come into the system and fight for Odisha,” said Gandhi.

The Neheru-Gandhi scion also blamed the lack of political will power and quality leadership for the deterioration in the educational system, which is under the control of a handful of people, who wield  monopoly powers over it.

“Now, the educational system is monopolized. It is under the control of a handful of people. They manage the system. If you open up the system, their capitation fee, the source which fetches them lakhs of rupees, will  be badly affected and so they will start resisting,” said the Congress leader.

He also said that like in education the political system has also been monopolized in the country.

“If you want to join politics, you have to be a sycophant to the political bosses, be it the Congress, BJP or any other party. The political system is not open. If a senior leader likes you, then you can get a ticket to contest elections….if he/she does not like you, then you won’t get it. That system needs to be changed,” said Gandhi adding that the Congress party has started a new practice of collecting feedback from each Lok Sabha constituency before selecting the MP candidates.

Replying to a student’s query on the prevailing system of reservation in education, he said the reservation issue  is being discussed because there are too few seats in the colleges.

“There are not enough seats in colleges in India. The seats need to be increased so that everyone can avail education irrespective of  their class, caste background. The people are only talking about how to distribute the existing number of available seats….nobody discusses how to increase the seats,” Gandhi said.

He also criticised both the state and Central government for not providing quality education as well as not appointing trained teachers for the educational institutions in the state.

The Congress leader did not forget to attack the BJD government over the huge mining scam .

“Odisha is a mineral-rich state but the state government allowed the loot of its mineral resources to benefit the miners, These resources could have been utilized for the development of people in the state. But, the state government did not do it,” said Gandhi.

He also said the government, which is the implementing agency, had failed to to utilize the funds allocated to it by the Centre for the development of the state and its people.


  1. Rahul Gandhi is a disciplined leader, plus, he has got the ability to take prompt decisions.He will make Odisha people happy.

  2. For constructive nation India need Rahul Gandhi.That would surely benefit younger generation of Odisha too.

  3. Good thing about Rahul Gandhi is that he has got some brilliant knowledge of politics. He has seen all that since his young age.

  4. Rahul can improve the education system in Odisha. He can bring policies into the system and fight for Odisha.

  5. I can see that Rahul Gandhi can bring relevant changes as our country need economic upsurge.Well said by him.

  6. Also, i feel people in Odisha got impressed with what he said. Rahul Gandhi’s road-map is impressive. He took notions seriously.

  7. This is reality , he has shown faith in Odisha people. He wants to work with youth and women. His policies are for poor people as well.

  8. It will be better for the people of Odisha if they opt for better govt. this time. Hopefully they have come to know about it.

  9. Rahul wants to make the young population of India join politics. It is his vision and aim. The youth will inject energy in the country and it will see faster growth and less corruption. No other party other than Congress is giving a platform to the youth for joining politics and contributing in bringing about the required change for good.

  10. Reach of Rahul to the students or the young humans is appropriate this step will help in generating the wide and the new thinking towards the society to develop. The nation needs leader like Rahul who can maintain the decorum and the sovereignty of India…

  11. the old anthems are still on the process and to change them with the new one to have new development and growth of the society Rahul is praising the young people to join. as thinking is the only way to bring change beyond expectations

  12. The growth of education system will enhance the student to grow. The allotment of seats to the student need to increase so that more students can apply for their courses… this thought make Rahul differ from other leader as others are busy in fighting with each other

  13. Student need to join politics so as to bring changes for our future. its us who have to live in future not the old leader who have created their own monopoly to run politics……

  14. Matter is not how to distribute the seats to the students the case is to increase the no of seats for the students in the collage this is a very important and useful step taken by Rahul Gandhi for the better future of the students……

  15. Rahul is a core leader which will surely change India. his thought about the development and the growth of the nation and its people is versatile. one day every one will see the change brought by the young people which will improve the education system of the country.

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