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Jindal defamation suit: HC directs Zee to follow guidelines


New Delhi, April 1 :

The Delhi High Court Tuesday directed the Zee group to follow the News Broadcasters Association (NBA) guidelines while telecasting programmes. It was hearing a defamation suit filed by lawmaker Naveen Jindal contending that the group aired “highly defamatory and malicious” programmes against him.ZEE TV LOGO

Lok Sabha member Jindal moved the high court seeking a restraining order for Zee News channel from telecasting programmes based on him on the basis of “false, fabricated, manipulated and misleading documents and information”.

Justice V.K. Shali asked the Zee group to follow the NBA guidelines while telecasting programmes.

Jindal’s plea said that airing highly defamatory and malicious programmes against him and Jindal Steel and Power Limited would cause irreparable loss and injury to their reputation and goodwill.

It said that from March 1 to 24, the channel telecast at least 131 times a news that brought down his name and image.

The plea said the channel had shown offensive material about Jindal, saying he “offended the sentiments of a particular community and caste, made false promises to people with an intention not to fulfill them, is a liar, is a proven corrupt person, is engaged in illegal and unethical trade and business and doesn’t deserve to be given ticket to contest election”.

Stating that the channel violated the NBA regulations, the plea sought permanent injunction from publishing or telecasting any false, misleading, vindictive, defamatory news against him.