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Former Pak army chief praises Modi, says Jehadis will soon turn to Kashmir


Islamabad, May 25 :

Kashmir is the heart of India-Pakistan relations and jehadis will turn towards Kashmir after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan this year, a former Pakistani army chief has said.

Aslam Beg, Former Pak Army chief
Aslam Beg, Former Pak Army chief

“Kashmir is the core issue that needs to be settled for peace and stability in the region whereas (Narendra) Modi is not ready to compromise on Kashmir,” Mirza Aslam Beg said in The Nation newspaper Sunday.

“It is Kashmir which will decide Modi’s future because the key to regional peace lies with him,” Beg said.

The general reminded Modi that for three decades, Afghanistan had served as the “strategic base of resistance” for militants in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Jammu and Kashmir.

“After the withdrawal of occupation forces from Afghanistan by end of this year, the jehadis would turn towards Kashmir, as they did in 1990, after the Soviet withdrawal, raising the threshold of confrontation between India and Pakistan to a dangerous level.

“Before that happens, the two countries have to find an amicable and peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue. There is no other alternative,” he added.

Praise for Modi

He praised Narendra Modi for his austere living – in contrast to Pakistani politicians.

Mirza Aslam Beg said in an article in The Nation newspaper that India and Pakistan were not addressing the issues of corruption, poverty, social disparities and security on priority.

“The stark reality that catches the eye and affects our minds and hearts is the big difference in outlook in life which exists between Modi and our leaders who are richly rich, trying to get richer, while Modi with an humble social background, lives a simple life in harmony with the suffering masses, whose lives he promises to lift,” Beg said.

“Modi has embraced our Islamic traditions of austere living whereas our rulers are basking under the sunshine of the exploitive capitalism,” he added.