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Jealousies, division threatening Church: Pope Francis


Vatican City, Oct 22 :

Pope Francis warned Wednesday that jealousies and divisions may shatter the Church.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis

The Pontiff referred to Christians living in St. Paul’s time who faced many difficulties due to “divisions, jealousies, misunderstandings and marginalisation”.

“War does not begin on the battlefield: wars begin in the heart; with misunderstanding, division and envy, with this fighting among each other,” the Pope said in his weekly General Audience held in St. Peter’s Square.

Francis went on to remark that these divisions were still appearing in many Christian communities, parishes and even neighbourhoods in which “misunderstandings and marginalisation” prevail.

The Pope reminded listeners of the advice given by St. Paul to “appreciate the gifts and the quality of our brothers and sisters in our communities”.

“(Jealousy) dismembers, it hurts, it should not be done. Because jealousy grows, grows and fills the heart,” Francis said.