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Janmashtami celebrated in Odisha with gaiety, fervour


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Sept 5:

Devotees across Odisha thronged Krishna temples this morning to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna with gaiety and fanfare on the occasion of Janmashtami.

lord krishnaIn Bhubaneswar, devotees queued up in large numbers at Ram Mandir and Iskcon temple to have the darshan of the Lord. There was a rush of devotees in other temples in the city too.

The commisisonerate police have stepped up security measures at Iskcon temple in view of the heavy rush of the devotees.

In Puri, elaborate arrangements have been made to celebrate Janmashtami in Shri Jagananth Temple.

The servitors would begin the rituals of Lord Krishna after the Sandhya Dhupa. As per tradition, the servitors bring the idol of Lord Madanmohan from the Dakhina Ghara and place it on the Janma Chakada (birth place) near the Ratna Simhasan inside the sanctum sanctorum of the main temple after taking the Agyaan Mala from Lord Jagannath.

After placing Lord Madanmohan at the Janma Chakada, two servitors, dressed as Devaki and Basudeva, arrive at the chakada holding the golden idol of Lord Krishna on a silver plate.

After the birth of Lord Krishna, the Maha Bhoi sevayats prepare a special dish with a mixture of butter and cream for Lord Krishna.

Tthe idol of Lord Krishna is taken to the temple of Goddess Saraswati after which the servitors offer milk to Lord Krishna in a silver oyster and perform the Navi Chhedana (cutting of umbilical cord) ritual.

During the rituals, all lights in the temple are switched off.