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Jama Masjid Shahi Imam’s son anointed Naib Imam


New Delhi, Nov 2;

Shaban Bukhari, the son of Jama Masjid Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari, was Saturday formally anointed the Naib Imam (deputy Imam) of the 17th century mosque at a ceremony here.

shahi imam with son“I announce Shaban Bukhari as the Naib Imam of Jama Masjid. I hope that he will live up to the expectations,” Syed Ahmed Bukhari said during the ceremony.

The 19-year-old Shaban, who is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in social work at Amity University, is now in line to become the Shahi Imam of the country’s largest mosque.

The ceremony was hit by controversy after the central government and the Wakf Board told the Delhi High Court that the anointment was “illegal” and had no legal sanctity.

The high court, however, refused to stay the ceremony.

The Bukharis, originally from central Asia, have been the traditional custodians of the Jama Masjid since it was built during the Mughal era in the 17th century.