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Jacqueline clueless about ‘Kick’ sequel


Mumbai, Feb 14:

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez, who played the female lead in “Kick”, says she has no clue about reports that superstar Salman Khan would be scripting its sequel.

Jacqueline Fernandez ( source-unbconnect.com)
Jacqueline Fernandez ( source-unbconnect.com)

However, she hopes for the sequel soon.

“I don’t know anything (about Salman writing ‘Kick’ sequel)…. I don’t know if it (‘Kick’ sequel) has been conceptualised or not, or if there is a script for ‘Kick’ sequel,” Jacqueline said here Friday during the promotion of her latest release “Roy”.

“But I hope so, as the first one did very well,” she added. IANS