Itishree blamed Naveen, Pangi for her plight in dying statement


    tikiri teacher
    OST Bureau
    (Kanak TV exclusive)
    Bhubaneswar, Nov 5:
    This is one revelation that the Naveen Patnaik government cannot sweep under the carpet. In a sensational revelation, the now deceased lady teacher of the Tikri upper primary school Itishree Pradhan has been captured on tape shortly before her death blaming no less than Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for what happened to her.
    The tape was aired by Kanak TV on Tuesday evening.
    “I would first blame the CM (Chief Minister), then the administration and finally local political leaders,” Itishree said in what turned out to be her dying declaration.
    Itishree left no room for conjecture by naming Netrananda Dandsena, the arrested school sub inspector (SI) who was the headmaster of the Tikri school when she joined, for the murderous attack on her.
    She also lent credence to what has so far been in the realm of speculation by naming BJD MP from Koraput Jayram Pangi for giving protection to Dandsena. “He (Dandsena) was totally Jayram Pangi’s man,” she said in the tape.
    Itishree revealed that Dandsena had made an attempt to outrage her modesty after offering her shelter at his home when she found it difficult to find a reasonably priced rented accommodation at Tikri. “When I met him at the market shortly on the day of joining, he said; ‘You can come and stay with me. I too have daughters,’” she said in her dying declaration.
    She said she was asked to sleep in a room outside without anything to cover her in the winter night while the others in the family slept inside. “Around midnight, he misbehaved with me. When I tried to raise an alarm, he sealed my mouth and threatened me. Then he said ‘I am going. You need not shout’ and then left,” she said.
    The sensational disclosure has put paid to the efforts of the BJD government and the ruling party to hide its gross apathy to Itishree’s desperate cries for justice and protection when she was very much alive.
    Unlike in the case of Bebina, who never came out of coma to reveal the truth behind her murder, Itishree has left clinching evidence of the complicity of a ruling party MP and the utter insensitivity of the entire administration starting from the Chief Minister down to the Collector.
    Logically, the police should be questioning both the Chief Minister and the Koraput MP on the basis of the tape. But that would perhaps be asking for the moon from a government which has made sweeping things under the carpet into a fine art.