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You are invited for a spectacular meteor shower


New York, April 26 :

If you do not have a telescope or binocular, do not worry as a meteor shower is something that anyone can enjoy. You may not like to miss the spectacular show of the Eta Aquarids around May 6.
The Eta Aquarids are a meteor shower associated with Halley’s Comet.

The meteors from this shower can be seen between April 19 and May 28 – peaking May 6.

A meteor is small body of matter from outer space that enters the earth’s atmosphere, becoming incandescent as a result of friction and appearing as a streak of light.

For observers around tropical and southern latitudes, the visibility can be a little better than those at the northern hemisphere because of the location of the radiant and the time of sunrise.

The radiant is the point in the sky, from which the meteors appear to originate.

The best way to observe the meteor showers is get ready by midnight and wait outside on a comfortable seat.

“If the weather is kind, then the astronomical forecast for this year’s Eta Aquarids display is good,” reported Discovery News.