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Are you invited to bollywood art director Sukant Panigrahy’s birthday?


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 11:

Famous bollywood art director and production designer Sukant Panigrahy celebrates his 40th birthday today in a unique way. No cake,candles and champagne but an open invitation to all art and nature lovers to visit his humble home and paint whatever they like and work on installations by adding on new ideas to it.paint4

He has named the art in progress as “Labyrinth of my passion” exhibiting different mini installations, paintings and crafts. Enthusiastic parents brought their children and young people flocked into his home to shake hands and wish this gentle, creative man a happy life and participated in the exhibition.

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“All my art practices  are put together for my friends to come and explore, contribute, collaborate for the ongoing evolution of an art installation in the making. Plans for opening of a museum where such art pieces and installations can be preserved is in the pipeline,” said the happy birthday boy.

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paint1“Children paint from their heart and without any inhibition. Young minds should be educated and trained about the good and bad sides of Mother nature. I have given  a platform to the young and the old to portray their thoughts in different forms of art and craft,”commented Sukant.

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“Life is like a crystal ball and everything reflects on the surface.Taking care of the environment is a major issue and awareness should be created in the grass root level,” said Sukant.


“It is beautiful to see small children painting with such seriousness and the germinating of their ideas is an eye opener for us,”said a happy mother.

sukant1The paintings and installations are all based on the theme of conservation of nature and is an awareness campaign combined with the fun of creativity.