Did “Keefe D” Murder Tupac? Duane Davis indicted

Discover the shocking revelation surrounding the murder of Tupac Shakur, as Duane Davis is indicted in connection with the case. Explore the evidence and exclusive insights that may finally unravel the truth. #TupacShakur #DuaneDavis #MurderMystery

INDRA Water Wins Urban Water Challenge-2019 Award

INDRA Water, a two-year-old Mumbai startup, won the Urban Water Challenge 2019 Award during World Water Week in Stockholm from August 25-30, 2019. 226 startups from 38 countries competed for

Why ‘Queen’ Star Helen Mirren Hates Social Media?

Acclaimed actress Helen Mirren, renowned for her role in “The Queen,” has expressed her aversion to social media, branding it as “distasteful.” The Oscar-winning actress’s sentiments towards platforms like Facebook