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Interesting watch: Fan-made trailer of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Padman’ from Odisha

Picture courtesy: Twitter/Akshay Kumar

Bhubaneswar: The fever of Akshay Kumar-starrer Padman has gripped Odisha, ahead of its release on January 25. While Akki can be seen promoting the film on every possible platform and talking about the otherwise-shushed subject of monthly menstrual periods of women and sanitary napkins, his fans are following his lead and voicing their opinions on social media with fervour.

Odisha Akkians, the Akshay Kumar fan club from this coastal state, recently released a fan-made trailer of the movie, starring none other than the members of the club itself!

“We are die-hard fans of the Khiladi and he is an inspiration for us all,” said Rakesh Panda, who is essaying the role that Akshay is portraying in the film.

Shot with a DSLR camera with a crew of 10 in 20 days, this video has garnered about 4.1K views on YouTube in two days of its release. Rakesh and his team have tried their best to imitate the look and feel of the trailer and even used bales of cotton and equipment such as cutter to show the process of making sanitary pads.

“Our happiness knew no bounds when the Khiladi Kumar thanked us for making this trailer. Odisha Akkians are thankful to him and Arunachalam Muruganantham, the real Padman of India, for creating awareness on this topic,” he added.

The fans of this club are planning to celebrate the premier of the movie at Maharaja theatre in Odisha capital on the day of release.

Odisha Akkians are known to follow in the footsteps of the actor and have been organising cleanliness drives in various parts of the city to keep the surroundings clean, among other activities.