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Indian tourist caught smuggling diamonds in Israel


Jerusalem, April 8 :

An Indian national was arrested in Israel for allegedly smuggling diamonds and gold worth hundreds of thousands of dollars hidden in his underwear, media reported Tuesday.

The diamonds were recovered from an Indian tourist by the custom officials, during a routine inspection at the Jordan river border crossing area — an international border between Israel and Jordan in West Asia, Israel Hayom Hebrew-language daily reported Tuesday.

“Gold was found in the man’s toothbrush container and luggage, while a bundle of wrapped diamonds weighing 150 carats was found in his underwear,” the customs official said.

The unnamed man admitted to his plan of selling the diamonds once he was in Israel.

Meanwhile, the Jordan river crossing narcotics and customs unit is investigating the case further.

All of the diamonds in his possession were undocumented, despite international conventions requiring such documentation to prevent trade in blood diamonds and money laundering by means of diamonds, the report stated.