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Indian spice to be tested for diabetes prevention


Sydney July 17:

Australian researchers are all set for a clinical study on combining an Indian spice with an omega-3 fat they believe may delay or prevent the onset of Type-2 diabetes.

diabetesScientists are seeking 80 Australian candidates for the study to reduce systemic inflammation that impacts the body’s insulin secretion and function, the root cause of Type-2 diabetes, Xinhua news agency reported.

“Two bio-active compounds found in Indian food – curcumin and omega-3 fat – will be tested for the study. Both are anti-inflammatory agents,” said lead author Manohar Garg from the University of Newcastle’s Nutraceuticals Research Group.

The participants will be divided into four groups: One group will get curcumin only, the second will get omega-3 fat only, the third will receive both, and the fourth will serve as a control group.

“The anti-inflammatory mechanisms surrounding curcumin and omega-3 fats are different, so we will test if they complement each other and have treatment synergies beyond their individual effects,” Garg said.

“We believe the combination is safe, free of side-effects and may prove to be as effective as drugs used for management of diabetes.”

Curcumin (turmeric) — promotes the healing of bruises, sprains, wounds and inflammation, Garg said.

“Nowadays the level of curcumin intake has dropped considerably as people switch to fast foods, and it parallels with a significant rise in type-2 diabetes cases,” Garg concluded. (IANS)